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Timeshare Travel Agency-What is the real deal?

Until recently, timeshares have always been a way for people to want to make a huge profit on their annual vacation, but with the recent rise of discount travel agencies, is this still a wise move? I will compare these two vacation plans and show that discount travel clubs are a better option for people who want to save on vacation.

1) Initial cost-buy a resort or a second-hand timeshare hotel from the original owner of the resort. Depending on your unit and their bargaining power when they try to close you, you will pay between US$6,500 and US$20,000. With a one-time payment or as time goes by, you now have a week in the resort to exchange with others to find things in your area. Let us enter the mid-market at a purchase price of $13,250.

If you join a discount travel club, you need to pay between US$199 and US$500 to enter resorts around the world…Be sure to bring this victory to the resort club at a more affordable initial price.

2) Recurring expenses-According to, ownership is privileged, because you are now responsible for daily maintenance, maintenance, furniture and equipment, roof and swimming pool replacement, and of course insurance and property taxes . We used their data for timeshare resorts in Virginia Beach, and they found that they ranged from $390 to $550 per year, and used a mid-range figure of $475 per year. The annual fee will be adjusted for inflation and may increase over time. Unless any roof or pool repairs are performed, your total annual timeshare cost for 10 years is $4,750. If you trade other units worldwide, the other costs involved vary from group to group, so it is difficult to determine the exact costs unless they are at least several hundred dollars more expensive per year.

The monthly fee for the vacation club varies, so we will use the World Ventures number to ensure accuracy. Suppose you like presentations and choose the most expensive suit to make you a representative. You need to pay $59.93 per month, and the annual fee is $719.16, but there is a way for four people to purchase any of the offered packages without charging any monthly fees. So if you know four friends who like to travel and join the club, then you eliminate the annual fee! This is something to consider, but for practice, let’s pay a monthly fee.

In 10 years, the club cost was $7,191.60. There is no additional cost for accommodation in resorts or hotels around the world, but vacation packages are purchased in bulk and provided to members at cost. Other advantages of the travel club include discounted prices for air travel, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages and travel insurance that can be used multiple times every year. It even provides a concierge service, you can use it anytime, anywhere to get information about any of your needs at home and abroad. I will use only the base to assign this asterisk to the timeshare, but the vacation club membership will bring more value.

3) Multiple vacation experiences-timeshare allows you to take a vacation in the same unit or the same unit every year, and each vacation is the same, and can only be exchanged at participating resorts in its network.

Travel agencies offer you many different experiences all over the world-you don’t have to repeat the same journey twice (unless you want to). Provides more than 60,000 vacation and rental properties in more than 160 destinations. World Ventures even has a program called DreamTrips, where all reservations and plans will be resolved for you. You can choose activities, cruises, sports or themed packages at very good prices-examples in 2009 include Cozumel cruises, 5 days/4 nights, 179 USD per person (tax and service charge included), Madrid Spain trip, per People 150 dollars including tax, etc. Get accommodation and tickets for the US Masters, the final four and even the World Cup in South Africa at hundreds of dollars lower than the online price. The vacation club can easily obtain this ticket.

Therefore, although timeshare wins the recurring expenses part of the obstacle, the best overall bargaining is travel club membership because of its low initial cost, the variety of vacation experiences it provides, and the ability to save all travel expenses by becoming a representative. The ability to make money. These numbers are not precise, but they do represent a fair comparison between the two holiday options.


Holiday Travel Club-How does it work?

How does the travel club work? Basically, it is like this. There are millions of timeshares every week, with vacancies in resorts and luxury hotels. To compensate for some of the costs associated with these properties, they will provide “expected vacancies” at discounted prices. Their thinking is “I would rather get nothing than nothing.” Of course, they cannot offer these discounted prices to the public, otherwise the end users (you and me) will never pay the retail price again. Therefore, these resort owners provide a large number of these apartments and villas to other companies to sell to their customers. Many of these properties have been sold to major companies such as Expedia, Orbitz or Travelocity. They in turn increase the prices of these “discounted” properties to cover advertising costs and obtain a return on investment.

How is the travel club different? A large part of the remaining property is sold to holiday clubs on the wholesale market. Some clubs also flag these attributes before providing them to customers. However, if you seem to work hard, you will find some companies that provide their members with these properties at the same price as when you bought them. These are real gems in the travel club industry. After paying the entrance fee, new members can take advantage of the great discounts on travel. Depending on the size of the club, these discounts can be regional, country-specific or national. Some travel clubs will offer their members hundreds of options, while some larger clubs will offer thousands of exclusive rental services.

How do I choose a good travel/vacation club?

These are some basic knowledge to consider when choosing a reputable club.Don’t pay more. Reputable travel clubs should not charge thousands of members. The cost of 500-1,000 is quite reasonable.

3. Do they provide concierge services? When considering travel clubs, there must be a useful concierge desk. They can help you book holidays, provide travel tips, and help plan weddings or family gatherings.

4. Are there any recurring fees for travel clubs? If so, please do not join. The reputable travel club never charges.

5. Quality. A good travel club will provide its members with 4-star and 5-star resort accommodation. Beware of clubs that only offer hotel rooms or specific age or gender.

  1. Evaluate the services they provide. Do travel agencies have resorts all over the world? Or a resort specific to a particular state or region.
  2. Can you talk to others on the phone? You will be surprised how many people have purchased something but found that there is no customer support. You should let real people answer your questions

How can I learn? You can visit us online to learn more about how to stay in a 4-star resort at a 2-star price.


Enjoy your vacation in Marbella Marriott Vacation Club luxury apartments

Marbella Marriott Hotel Apartments

The Marbella Marriott Beach Resort is one of the preferred resorts for everyone and everyone; with first-class resort facilities and lovely holiday villas. Luxury apartments range from 1 bed, 1 bathroom to 3 beds, 3 bathrooms (up to 8 people), which means that your spacious villa retreat can provide enough space for the whole family, and even more !
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You can enjoy elegant and comfortable furnishings in the open-plan living and dining area. There is also a fully equipped kitchen, a sofa bed, a TV with cable/satellite programming and a DVD player. Soak in the oversized jet bath in the master suite for a day, then sink into the oversized king-size bed for the night. Marbella Marriott Beach Resort provides all guests with a home away from home, and its apartments also provide wireless Internet access, comfort and convenience.
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Marbella Beach Resort Facilities

The Marriott Marbella Beach Resort has access to the sparkling waterfront and offers a variety of first-class resort facilities, including various restaurants and bars, swimming pools, spa days and entertainment. Dine in one of the 3 restaurants in Market Place, where meals, snacks, coffee and soft drinks are available, Charlie’s American Sports Bar, El Med Poolside Restaurant, Chill Cocktail Lounge and Beach Bar and Grille. The resort also offers luxury grocery/persuasion shops to cook. You can spend the day on the beach or by the seaside pool, add tan on the sun loungers, or if the sun is too much, why not try to relax in the shade under a cool umbrella.
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For those who indulge in fitness and leisure activities, there are first-class fitness facilities, spa services, SPA bathtubs, hairdressing salons and games rooms, as well as a tour desk that can provide you with excursions and car rental services. Many leisure activities can be found in the resort or nearby beaches or inland Marbella; parasailing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, running, hiking and biking, horse riding, basketball and tennis courts, golf courses and fishing.
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Marbella Attractions

Since attracting the attention of the world, Marbella has built its exquisite repetition into the most fashionable, fresh and chic resort on the Costa del Sol. Marbella’s summer can be divided into two different areas: the beach and the old town. The main attractions include the famous Marbella boardwalk, The Paseo Maritimo, which stretches along the main waterfront, with beautiful coastal scenery, charming cafes and traditional snacks, while you can shop until you get off the bus. If Marbella has to be dotted with numerous bars, cafes and restaurants along the seaside promenade, or stroll along the narrow historic streets of the old town, this is a delightful place for hospitality and you can also relax Mind and relax.
Vacationers visiting Marbella and Marbella Beach Marriott Resort can ensure luxurious vacations year after year. Today we sell timeshare vacations to well-known timeshare companies; whether it is season or season; whenever you want to go, we can ensure that we provide the perfect solution for the new popular Mediterranean destination.


Primo Vacation Club

Primo Vacations Club of MyInternetBusiness LLC will be officially launched in November 2009 and has become a major force in the travel business

Dave Garven and Rob Hannley co-founded MyInternetBusiness LLC and Primo Vacation Club and are currently the owners. They established their position with the “YourNetBiz” series of Internet business opportunities and established Primo Vacations Club to praise this achievement. Rob Hannley and Dave Garven won two gold medals with Primo Vacations’. Not only did they accumulate a lot of online copies and media hype for this new business, but they also won praise from respected Internet marketers and entrepreneurs, including me.
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The club has spread on the Internet like wildfire and continues to show signs that it will continue to grow in the coming years. As far as I am concerned, I have extensive experience in both Internet marketing and the travel industry and will dominate this market indefinitely.
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The main mission of MyInternetBusiness LLC is to provide members with unparalleled value.

In view of the fragile state of the economy, it strongly hopes that each travel agency will provide their travel packages with more privileges and higher value than ever before. Of course, the most successful of these businesses will be the business that combines these excellent packages with a series of smart Internet and word-of-mouth marketing strategies, and this is precisely the specialty of MyInternetBiz.

More information about MyInterntet Biz’s new Primo Vacations club package: Members get more than simple “special prices”. They got a peculiar, creepy, hot, other planet, too real deal, and most other travel agencies would go bankrupt. Considering the past success of MyInternetBiz’s direct sales business YourNetBiz, I predict Primo Vacations Club will be another of their seemingly impossible but undeniable true success stories.

Of course, I have conducted due diligence and tested this hypothesis, and am pleasantly surprised by my findings. The club can offer discounts of up to 80% for most competitors. Yes, you read that right: 80%. This data is derived by looking at only a few destinations from all over the world.

So, how much profit will Primo Vacations Club bring to you? Well, in addition to the intoxicating and wonderful value, you can also provide potential customers (which can easily cost millions), and you can also provide them with packaging with a normal retail price of up to $10,000, and the price is only one Small part.

How much do you ask?

Primo Vacation Associates and members may earn $500 from each transaction. This is paid directly to you, tax-free and free. You can also trade on the same day! How did this happen:

a) Your customers like Primo Travel Package; Once you are impressed with the value of the package offered, the customer will give you up to US$697-the average cost of each package in the Primo Vacations Club transaction.

b) A qualified member authorizes you to pay. You keep most of the sales price, but the value you provide to your customers far exceeds the value you get anywhere else!

c) Forward the remaining US$197 to MyInternetBiz and Primo Vacations Club.

Fully qualified for membership of Primo Vacations Club. All you have to do is make the first sale.


Global Exchange Vacation Club

This article aims to inform new vacation ownership consumers what to look for when buying vacation ownership

Well, there are many differences in timeshare. These changes will be briefly listed in the next sentence, but later in this article, I will fully expand on them. Some of the main differences include full week and points ownership, contracts and leases, RCI and II, trading capabilities, and availability within the club.

Let’s talk about a few weeks and scores. It really depends on how you usually travel. Do you often travel in weekly increments, or do you travel more often on weekends, and 5 or 10 days of vacation? Personally, the points system is my best choice because I rarely travel for a week. Points are used as currency on vacation. I am the owner of Hyatt and GEVC, and their points system is also effective. I used to find better usability at Hyatt, but recently GEVC has better usability.

What about contract ownership and lease ownership. The difference here is almost self-evident. You own or lease property. I want to transfer ownership to my child, so I prefer ownership. In this article, I won’t be too self-righteous, but I stayed at the Hyatt Hotel in Carmel, which was great. Its price per night on Expedia exceeds $500. I spent less than $500 throughout the week. Therefore, if I can also give gifts to my children, I think that would be great. You can also pass usage rights to others most of the time; they only expire after a certain number of years.

RCI and II are the main trading companies with which you can trade, and these companies can go in places other than those you own. This is one of the biggest advantages of holiday ownership today. My timeshare saves a lot of cash, and the transaction allows me to maintain flexibility. In terms of the better between RCI and II, they both have advantages. Both II and RCI have good choices, and they are quite different. Each of me has an ownership, and it works well for me. My GEVC is in RCI and my ownership of Hyatt is in II.

It is very important to understand trading capabilities. RCI will even tell you on their own website that not all vacation rights are created equally. In terms of transaction capacity, purchase a timeshare resort in an excellent location on a priority location.


Travel experts comment on resort 360 Vacation Club scam complaint

Another multi-level marketing (MLM) program has been launched. This is the so-called Resorts 360 Vacation Club, and the blogger quickly flagged it as a possible scam. When California Attorney General Edmund Brown sued them for “operating a giant pyramid scheme,” Resorts 360 cured major troubles in another travel MLM called YTB Travel.

The tourism industry generates more than $7 trillion in revenue each year. It is no surprise that entrepreneurs who work from home want to take advantage of these profits. Some of these programs are full-scale scams. When analyzing the actual value of the so-called products, they have charged people thousands of dollars, but hardly delivered any products. Not all family travel business opportunities are scams, and some actually offer retail products that have real value in the travel market.

Now that Resorts 360 has been launched, many people are asking if the program is another MLM scam or a real business. This is a fair question.

There is no doubt that Resorts 360 Vacation Club has some problems, but is this a scam? Although MLM companies do provide actual products, the vacation club memberships they sell are insufficient compared to those offered by competitors in the home business sector. The Resorts 360 program allows you to use fewer resorts, and members spend more money on a week-long condominium vacation than competitors. It is not a scam, but it does put those who want to make money marketing Resorts 360 at a disadvantage.

360 members of the resort can visit about 4,000 resorts, while one competitor says they own more than 5,000 resorts, and another competitor advertises more than 5,400 resorts. Members of Resort 360 Vacation Club can enjoy a condo vacation week, starting at a minimum of $399. This is about $100 more than one competitor and $250 more than another competitor. Members only take two weeks of vacation each year to spend $500 a year in the new MLM Vacation Club. In ten years, it will cost an extra $5,000.

With fewer choices and more spending during the holiday week, you might think that Resorts 360 can at least gain a price advantage in the market, but that’s not the case. Although its competitors sell memberships with lifetime benefits (100 years), the longest membership available through Resorts 360 is only one year.

Over a ten-year period, Resorts 360’s resort club offers will cost $2,639 if renewed annually at the current price, and if paid at the current monthly rate, it will be as high as $5616. The competition fees for lifetime membership are $2995 and $1998 respectively. This means that consumers can use more than 1,400 resorts for only an extra US$641, save US$250 each at a lower apartment holiday price, and enjoy 90-year membership rights to enjoy or sell Transfer to other people.

Providing inferior products and charging higher prices does not make Resorts 360 Vacation Club a scam. Just like any other purchase, buyers must be careful and compare their options.

Although the product is a product, many people can start a family travel business just by buying any one of the products and hope to start making money at home. The question is, can those hopeful Internet millionaires really make money through Resorts 360?

Those who wish to make money from home should not pay too much attention to Resorts360. Marketing experts say that the disadvantages faced by their products will eliminate travelers that attract their target retail market. Their higher prices will definitely not win over those who spend time shopping. The highest commission is only $200, while the commission for both competitors is $1,000.

Resorts 360 promises to generate residual income as membership updates and monthly plan payments. However, this seems unlikely. In other MLM programs that require personnel updates, more than 95% of members quit and do not update. That’s because those people just join to make money, and when they see no profit, they keep going.

As you can imagine, it may be very difficult to use Resorts 360 to truly achieve profitability. To get a profit of $200, it costs almost the same marketing expenses as to get a profit of $1,000. There will be some sales, but how much marketing cost will it cost to earn low commissions? If you want someone to purchase a membership fee of more than $40, it may make the member lose money, and they cannot plan to make up for this through renewal or MLM passive commissions. A new member may have to sign more than 100 people to get about five people who are actively engaged in business and profitable.

Although Resorts 360 is not a full-scale scam, it is clear that the picture they paint is far more optimistic than MLM history suggests. Those seeking premium vacation club membership will find more benefits and stronger other membership products. Those seeking family operations will also find better options, including better vacation clubs and larger commissions. A competitor accepts its lifetime membership credit card and even offers a payment plan that starts at just $198.


Disney Vacation Club timeshare activities continue to expand, and the Disney timeshare brand is gradually maturing

Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is experiencing 500 unit growth. The 16-year-old timeshare company under the Walt Disney Company is becoming more mature and mature.

The expansion includes plans to add 50 two-bedroom suites in Anaheim, California, as part of the 2009 expansion of 250 rooms at the Disney Grand California Hotel and Spa.

The expansion will also be the first to build shared suites at the Disney Vacation Club in Orlando in existing Disney resorts outside of Florida. The club currently has eight resorts: Walt Disneyland has six; one is in Hilton Head, South Carolina; and another is in Vero Beach.

Reliable sources claim that the number of Disney Vacation Club members has doubled in the past four years, reaching 350,000 members from more than 100 countries and 50 states.

At the same time, in early 2008, Disney will end the first phase of its 109 units at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Hotel, and another 340 suites in the second phase will open in the spring of 2009.

The new Animal Kingdom resort suites range in size from 366 square feet to 2,200 square feet. The largest unit, the large villa, is themed with African artifacts and includes three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen, and even a game room with a pool table.

The Animal Kingdom Suite is located in a truly unique game park environment. The balcony overlooks the savanna hotel, and dozens of African animals roam in their natural habitat.

When all current construction is completed, the Disney Resort Club will have nearly 2,900 suites.

More vacation club suites will be launched soon, but officials have yet to confirm when and where.

The next attraction on the list may be the New North Wing of the Contemporary Disney World Resort. If the persistent rumors prove to be correct, it will be the first shared holiday destination on the monorail linking Aibo and the Magic Kingdom. Despite the rumors, Disney Vacation Club officials will not confirm the news.

In August 2007, Disney opened a timeshare club sales center in the Woodfield Mall, a retail center in suburban Chicago. The new shopping mall sales center is called Disney’s Gate of Dreams and includes a two-bedroom model of the Animal Kingdom suite in Orlando Disney World.

Disney Vacation Club will also have a more mature and mature appearance [] brand.

It is hoped that major changes will occur in DVC graphics and artwork in 2008. According to reports, the brand will shift from its traditional Disney character-based pixie dust approach to a more mature brand theme, emphasizing the global travel opportunities that club members can enjoy.

The shift and repositioning of the brand graphics is because, strangely, Mickey Mouse is not always considered the best method in terms of time-sharing sales. According to reports, Tony Diehl, sales manager of timeshare clubs, said that buyers cannot always establish a connection between animated icons and actual real estate sales and transactions. DVC vice president Lisa Becket (Lisa Becket) said that the club logo is composed of Florida palm trees, waves, mountain peaks and Mickey’s head portrait, and does not describe the entire content.

The story of the entire Disney Vacation Club timeshare is obviously more extensive and magnificent than the great Mickey Mouse can convey.


Lifestyle vacation clubs, pros and cons of lifestyle vacation clubs

Every one of us wants to travel. Some of us may not admit it, but I find more because they don’t want to admit it themselves. They feel they can’t travel for whatever reason, so they tell themselves that they don’t want to do it, so they don’t feel like they missed it. I let everyone know. Whether it is a financial hindrance, or not knowing how to arrange a good vacation, or just afraid of taking the first trip outside of the comfort zone. I will explain this by talking about lifestyle resort clubs. I will talk about the experience gained from traveling and the lifestyle resort club I know about.

The first professional in the Lifestyle Resort Club.

For many people, the first (and probably the biggest) advantage is value. Many people want to get as much value as possible from the money they spend. This makes sense. We work hard for our own money, so we want to get the most out of it. The lifestyle resort club I know does just that. They bring you many rewards. All available vacation packages are located in 4-star and 5-star resorts or 2-star and 3-star hotels. They guarantee the lowest price, otherwise they will refund your travel expenses and make you vacation anyway. Quite a powerful statement. There will always be some debris during the journey, which also increases the value of your money. If your trip is to Disneyland, this includes park tickets. Ski trip, which includes elevator passes for the duration of your stay. In a day of racing, many seats have pit stops. Lifestyle resort clubs have value.

Lifestyle Resort Club Professional #2.

do not worry. Let’s face it, our lives are very busy. Arranging a great holiday is time consuming. You must find a resort in the area you want to visit. You need to confirm the vacancy at the desired time. Then you need to set things to do where you want to go. You can avoid doing this during your vacation, but who wants to do it? I did it and it increased the pressure… while on vacation, trying to get rid of the pressure! Then, you must pay in advance or on vacation, just like in a trip. Each method is cumbersome and time-consuming. With a lifestyle resort club, the trouble is eliminated. You can set a filter for the type of journey you are looking for, so that it is very easy to find the journey you want and include the contents you want to experience, book the journey and complete it.

The 3rd career in the lifestyle resort club.

As part of the membership, other people will be able to make the same trip. This allows you to have something in common with people (members) in your outing activities. Whether it is whale watching on the Mexican coast or a wine tasting tour in France, some or many people you visit have a common standpoint, which can break the deadlock and reduce the initial interaction. Everyone is a member of the same lifestyle resort club . Knowing that there will be other people on the journey that you share membership with may make it easier for you to make your first trip to overcome your fear of travel.

Professional 4 of Lifestyle Vacation Club

As I have already said, there is a lifestyle resort club that I know. This lifestyle resort club has some benefits that make it truly amazing. One of these benefits is the online store. This online store has more than one thousand stores to choose from. When you buy something you want to buy online, you return a certain percentage in the form of “travel dollars.” These can be applied to the trip you choose, the flight of the trip or your own personal hotel, etc. Essentially, if you have enough online shopping and accumulated enough “travel money”, you can travel for free. very exciting.

Next are some assumed shortcomings. However, many things are based on perspectives, and I will provide different perspectives in order to look at these drawbacks from a positive perspective.

Disadvantages of lifestyle resort club #1

I always listen to, “But I don’t like a group of people, so I don’t want to travel, there are many other people doing the same thing.” First, you don’t have to participate in group activities, but it may end up being boring. Therefore, please look at it from another perspective. Believe me, whether you are traveling alone or participating in a fashionable vacation club, there will be other people with you. You need to pay a high fee for the scuba diving instructor to take you and your partner out for diving, and this expensive fee only booked a whale watching boat for your family. Unless you pay huge sums of money, other people will do the same things as you. So why not change your point of view and treat it as a professional as described in Professional #3. You have something in common with the people on the outing.

The second disadvantage of the lifestyle resort club.

They do not include flights in travel expenses. Okay, then you come to me. They will not be able to do this. There will be people flying in just a few hours, and people flying from across the ocean. When people come from all directions, there will be no way to price these. But let me ask you this. A family in British Columbia, Canada, is booking a holiday in Cancun, Mexico through certain booking agents that “include” flights. Now, a family of the same size happens to make the exact same travel reservation at the same time through the same booking agent, but this family is located in Texas, USA. Do you think the holiday price is the same for every family? The answer is no. Texas families are closer to Cancun than Canadian families. Although they say that flights are included, they are actually bundled with accommodation costs. As for the scam… I have checked the airfare cost of a trip in the Lifestyle Vacation Club and totaled it. Then, I searched for holidays to the same place at the same time including the flight. Then, I had to find the cost that would get the same expenses included in the lifestyle resort club and add it to the cost of the “flight included” vacation package. Guess what, the final price of the Lifestyle Resort Club is hundreds of dollars cheaper each time. This brings us back to Professional 1, fighting for our money. I would rather book a separate flight and save hundreds of dollars, and then book a holiday that includes the flight. In addition, when we choose to travel, many of us have a method of collecting points to apply to flights. When booking a vacation that bundles a ticket with a vacation package, you cannot use points to reduce the price of the ticket. When the flight is separated from the vacation package, you can pay for the flight as you like, so you can use points, seat sales and other methods to pay. In my opinion, this will turn a journey that “includes” a flight into a scam. The fact is that the flight was not “incorporated” into the lifestyle resort club and became a professional.

Disadvantages of lifestyle resort club 3.

The holidays of the Lifestyle Resort Club have preset dates. I have been listening to another thing. “This is my vacation. I want to continue my time, not the time chosen by the Lifestyle Resort Club for me.” Okay, yes, there are preset dates for the Lifestyle Resort Club vacation. They can provide preferential prices because they can buy vacation products like Costco. They booked a large number of rooms from the resort at a certain time, which saved them a lot of money and passed these savings on to the club members. For example, I have seen skiing trips, only two months apart, to the same place. Go to Universal Studios Florida at different times throughout the year. They provide as many options as possible to increase flexibility. Therefore, I provide another way to view it to mitigate its negative effects. If you plan to save hundreds of dollars in travel expenses, are you unwilling to adjust your holiday dates a bit? I know I will.

The fourth scam of Lifestyle Resort Club.

The lifestyle resort club I know has a membership fee. Charge the initial installation fee and monthly fees thereafter. I think this is a drawback, but the company has made some efforts to make it a professional. Costco has an annual fee. You only need to pay this fee to access the great offers in their store. These transactions are worth the money, so you have to pay a fee. The same idea as the membership fee of a lifestyle resort club. You need to pay to enjoy the great holiday discounts. However, the company’s approach to turning it into a professional is very unique. Every dollar you spend, including the initial setup fee and monthly fee, will become “DreamTrip” points. One yuan for one yuan equals one point. Holidays have a point value, from which you can subtract the dollar value you must pay to book a discounted trip. Therefore, the membership fee is actually like a vacation savings account. Therefore, looking at it in a different way again will turn negative factors into positive factors.