How can I become an innovative person?

We often see the word innovation, և sometimes it’s amazing what qualifies for innovation as this word-joke is joked about. Those of us who are creative and innovative know that our chances of success are greater than those who do not have such talents. This is why so many people are trying to learn how to innovate. It certainly looks good on a resume. Մեծ Most job descriptions have one or two phrases like: looking for an innovative self-starter. Let’s talk a little bit about innovation և see if you can figure out how to better position yourself as an innovator, a celebrity.

Innovation simply combines observations and solutions from other domains

Many who have thought about it for a long time realize that most of the good innovations in any particular field come from borrowing ideas or ideas from other fields or domains. Many of the innovators I know admit that most of their new original ideas come to them this way. If so, we do not need to teach innovation at all, we just need more polymathologists, people with vast experience in many fields.

Unfortunately, this would mean that all Innovation Gurus would be out of work, teaching very few seminars, because until their enrolled students had more experience in more areas of life and work, the seminar participants were not ready to use the methodology taught. or have sufficient knowledge to be a future candidate in the top ranks of innovators.

Of course, the horrible part of this theory of reunion for innovation is that it’s pretty easy to teach, և if so, anyone can do it, so maybe that ‘s why everyone today is trying to become an “innovation coach” in general. in category: When one has the experience, knowledge, and understanding of how to use information in one area to another, they can become innovators, at least in the most common type of skilled innovation.

If you are into sports, you can use some strategies և tactics used to win և use something like this to improve your product or service in a business situation. You have probably had a short summer job, realized that some of your observations could be used in the organization where you work or are currently volunteering. Maybe use dishes in the kitchen that might be good for homework with just a few tweaks. There is an opportunity for you to innovate. Take. Think about it “early” often.