Tripazon review

Tripazon is positioned as an interesting, ungodly company. It was officially launched earlier this year with much fanfare and high expectations. Tourism-based multi-level marketing company was born from the successful company Resorts360; all the tricks of Tripazon greatly reduced the purchase price.

What is Tripazon?

Former commercial airline pilot Rodger Rutter successfully launched Resorts360, the only travel club for members in 2008, and is currently piloting Tripazon, the only club for members, to provide the public with luxurious vacations. The relatively cheap version of Resorts360 is also good news for network marketers. Tripazon’s buy-in fee is hundreds of dollars lower than Resorts 360’s minimum membership level, and Resort360’s nearly $800 membership fee (only basic level access) is only $199.

product information

With Tripazon, you can travel to high-end destinations at fantastic prices. Members only pay an initial access fee of US$199, and then pay US$59 per month. Tripazon’s website provides discounted rates for thousands of beautiful resorts, hotels and cruise ships around the world 24 hours a day. For example, a week in Hawaii (with family) might cost only $147-weekly instead of daily! Doing math is not difficult. An annual trip with your family through Tripazon can save you hundreds of dollars.


Will Tripadon become popular in the next few years? Time will prove everything, but at least on the surface, the company still has a lot to do. Holiday deals, interesting elements of the brand, and MLM structure all together make this company an attractive choice for many people. If you are considering joining Tripazon to earn passive income, this is how compensation works.

The compensation plan is binary, which means that from a team building perspective, you need to establish two “branch” before you can get some leveraged income. This is not to say that the product itself has a market. You can sell directly to people who are not interested in business but want cheap holidays, or you can sell to new entrepreneurs who also want cheap holidays. Of course, the difference with the second group is that they also want to make money.

Want to quit daily work?

Recruit four new Tripazon members. These members will recruit new members below you, and you will receive a valid membership fee for free. Create residual income through your downline every month. Although the compensation plan itself is simple, the structure may be somewhat complicated.

For more information, please watch the compensation video on the Tripazon website. If all smiles don’t make you smile, then the potential income may help you.

Support plan

Yes, the product looks very good and is something many people might want to buy. However, if you don’t have any support when trying to build your own business, you may be confused. Therefore, you need a successful marketing system to help you stay focused and push you to achieve your goals. Fortunately, the company has developed a comprehensive training support plan.

Your job is to attract potential members to the website you copied.

Once your customer arrives there, the Tripadon staff will do the rest. They will guide them through memberships, vacation purchases, and training, so if they want to recommend their friends, they will be ready when they get off the phone.

Final thoughts

Over the years, I have reviewed many direct selling and internet marketing companies, and Tripazon seems to be one of the good guys. I don’t think this company has any compensation for loopholes or nasty surprises. Good products, solid marketing tools, and simple salary structure.

Is this company right for you? You have to decide for yourself, but you still have to research as usual. This is the best way to prevent yourself from making the wrong choice.