Holiday sales hotline script

If you have been looking for a cold call script, please take a look at this script. Destination vacation is a huge sum of money. People who make 1,000 calls per week will usually find 100 potential customers and use such scripts to turn them into 50 paying customers. Everyone adjusts a word everywhere in the script, this is no different. Please contact your sales manager to approve the wording, then try this script in the next 100 calls to see if it helps.

“Hello are you there?

Hello, my name is _________ and I am calling from ________________. How are you today? (Customer’s name)

I saw you filled out the questionnaire and expressed interest in vacation in Hawaii.

Our company just released a VIP invitation letter for vacation to Hawaii, and your name is in it!

I am calling to make sure you want to take advantage of this discounted Hawaii vacation offer. What do you think of sir/madam_______________________?

If you have paper and pens, I will provide you with all the information so you can start planning.

Again, my name is ________, which is ______________.

This Hawaii vacation package is 4 days and 3 nights on Maui. Your airline will be _____________________________. You will stay 4 days and 3 nights at the __________________ hotel. If you need arrangements from other airlines, we are a full-service travel agency and we are happy to find other airlines’ fares.

I understand that we will not pay your personal expenses or any taxes, nor will we pay any service fees. The last time I went, I believed that I paid no more than US$25.00, which I paid when I checked in at the hotel.

I only have 11 vacation packages to Hawaii, and I have other calls to make to the lucky ones. Are you ready to buy this wonderful holiday today?

The cost for two adults is US$698.00 and must be taken within 6 months from today. As long as you are both over 21 years old, you can go to sunny Hawaii!

Do you have a credit card ready, or need to discuss with someone before buying?

I only offer this package today, so you need to buy it today, but then again, it may take up to 6 months for you to set off for a wonderful holiday!

Oh no, madam, there are no hidden fees. However, since you mentioned it, then I want you to do one thing. When you get home, can you give me a call and tell me what is the most exciting, beautiful or interesting part of this Hawaii holiday?

Yes, you can attach snapshots as needed.

If you are ready to buy now, I am ready to pick up your credit card to install it.

Yes, madam, please read the numbers on your card.

I will read it to you.

Now, if you want to verify your address, I will put your stuff in the mail.

wonderful! Now write down my name and phone number so that I can answer any questions for you.

My ticket registration department may call you to verify the spelling of your name or other details, and hope it will not affect you.

Well, we are all ready.

I will like your wonderful sun, sand and sea! Aloha! “

Put time and words into the script to convey what you want to convey as efficiently as possible. Use a mirror and practice telemarketing to yourself until all the words are comfortable and you can keep smiling. A great telemarketing script is very valuable.