Three ways to improve golf skills

Golfers are always looking for good ways to improve their skills. I have compiled three ways to improve golf skills without hiring a trainer to help you.

Elbows need to touch your hips

One of the biggest mistakes I see most golfers make is not keeping their elbows in contact with their hips. It’s easy to ignore this step, because it’s natural for your elbow to stick out on one side, but avoid it at all costs. Touching the hips with the elbow keeps the club upright and straight, so you can better control yourself when hitting the ball.

Let your golf club do its job

Most golfers believe that the harder the shot, the farther the shot will be. This is not necessarily true. A precise swing directly in the middle of the ball can make it go further. If you are going to swing hard without hitting the exact part of the club you need, the shot will be sliced ​​or turned into a fresh shot. Take some time to make sure you are in the right place in the club, and once you have this, continue to work hard to hit the ball with more power.

Hip rotation

Whenever you swing, your entire body should be in motion. If you only use the power of the upper body, you will not get all the power when you stretch your hips onto the swing. When the swing is lowered, your hips should follow the same movements. It’s like you are imitating the action of a golf club. Your hip swing speed should be almost the same as a golf club. Watch professionals on TV while swinging. It’s almost like they want to use their entire body to achieve success.

keep healthy

Swinging a golf club consumes a lot of muscles that are not normally used. A strict exercise plan plus exercises can help you improve the level of the game. The closer your core, back, legs and arms fit together, the better your chances of hitting the ball correctly and consistently every time. Your muscles have memory, and the more muscles you use, the more memory they will retain.

Golf is a very challenging sport, but if you use the right technique and preparation, it will become easier over time.