Hidden gems in golf-looking for great golf resorts

Avid golfers spend a lot of time online researching the best golf resorts for a group of friends. Generally, you can expect to see the same golf destinations in the search, such as Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, and Sandestin. With the latest changes in the economy and gasoline prices, many golfers are looking for golf vacations that do not require a full day of travel, but still provide a unique golf experience. For these reasons, Tennessee is becoming the best choice for golfers who want to get affordable golf packages without the need for long travel time to other destinations.

Due to the short drive from Ohio or Michigan, golfers in Tennessee can often travel and play on the same day. Under normal circumstances, you can arrive at the destination for 4-7 hours, prepare to pilling from the tall T-shaped ball box, overlooking the wide mountains and beautiful fairways and greens. Tennessee has some hidden gems-golfers are flocking to incredible golf destinations such as Fairfield Glade, Great Smoky Mountains and Tellico Village.

Fairfield Glade in Crossville, Tennessee Packers have conducted thousands of rounds, and they all want excellent conditions, unique layouts and good weather. The five courses in Fairfield are Stonehenge, Heather Hurst Bray, Heather Hurst Cay, Dorchester and Druid Hills. Fairfield (Fairfield) golf holes are very different, and because the layout winds through the dense forest area of ​​the Cumberland Plateau, golfers will face changes from altitude to strategic placement Dangerous challenge. There are some excellent par three holes, such as Stonehenge Golf Club’s signature hole number 14, which is a downhill shot that landed on a beautiful green with piles of stones overlooking the water. Dorchester also has an excellent par 5 par, which has 3 landing zones to test your accuracy when shooting on the teeing ground and a creek in front of the green. Taste the first of 3 unique destinations in Tennessee.

The second hidden gem is the rise and corner 20 minutes south of Knoxville, Trico Village. Tellico is traditionally a community with many retirees who moved to the south to take advantage of the wonderful golf weather. Tellico’s 3 golf courses are Kahite, Tanasi and Toqua. Other outstanding courses in the area include Rarity Bay, Rarity Pointe and Avalon. Contrary to the alpine golf you see in Crossville, Tellico is more lake golf, surrounded by many wonderful holes. These courses are longer than Fairfield and usually offer challenging play styles, including rolling greens, rolling fairways and subtle elevation changes, which will make you guess the club choice a second time. Toqua is one of the most beautiful par 4 holes along the lake. The distance is not very long, but you can enjoy the scenery from the green on the lake. Tellico villas can meet the needs of any number of golfers in your group, and are only minutes away from the Toqua and Tanasi golf courses. Considering your choice of golf course and lake views, golfers will find one of the best packages in the South near Knoxville, Tennessee in Tellico Village.

Smoky Mountain Golf Near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, the excellent track conditions and stunning layout are unique in terms of beauty and challenges. There are as many as 30 golf courses for you to choose from, and accommodations in luxurious villas on the Sevierville Golf Club are all available. Sevierville has 36 beautiful holes in the foothills of the Smokies, and one of the most unique courses in the Tennessee River Islands is only 15 minutes away. The Gatlinburg Golf Course is one of the most unique last nine holes in the United States, including the 12th par-3, with a 200-foot drop from the teeing ground to the green. Other large golf courses in the area include Ruggles Ferry, Patriot Hills, Dandridge, Bent Creek and Millstone Golf Clubs. Golfers who visit golf courses in the area are expected to participate in some of the most scenic golf courses in the country.