Cefalu Sicily: one of Italy’s best preserved secrets

Cefalu is a new Italian resort. Between the rocks and beautiful beaches of the northern coast of Sicily, it is a quaint little village with thousands of Sicilian flavors. Cefalu has long been a favorite holiday destination for many Europeans, and it has quickly become a good place for vacation outside Europe. After all, will Club Med put up a resort where it is not worth visiting?

As a fishing village, tourism still maintains its original medieval charm and has now become a major factor in the city’s economy. Hotels, bars and cafes are easy to find. There are many great restaurants to choose from in this town, because the lost alleys can take you into secret places of gourmet food. The town seems to throw itself from the mountain into the sea, and its houses are on the water.

Cefalu’ beaches are worth visiting and are one of the unique selling points of the town. It is fine golden sand and is one of the sandiest beaches in Sicily, extending from the older part (near the historic center) to the newer Club Med. Along “Lung Adenocarcinoma” You will find some dense tropical vegetation. Remember, in summer, the beach can be crowded.

If you are in good health, you can climb to the top of the “rock”, or “La rocca” And admire the magnificent views of towns and red-roofed houses and the Mediterranean Sea (Tyrrhenian Sea), where vegetation is lush, citrus is luxuriant, including blood oranges, cactus figs, almonds and olive trees. You can also visit Diana, an ancient building with Greek and Roman characteristics, dating back to the 5th century BC, as well as other remains of a medieval fortress. Make sure to wear hiking boots and bring plenty of water.

Before dinner, you can take part in one of Italy’s favorite past times, which is “Passegiata”, Or stroll along the quaint and narrow cobblestone streets and stop in some small “squares” or squares. It is a good place for people to watch or taste some historical sights and small fashionable shops.

Another major attraction is the cathedral, built by Roger II in 1131, which may be the result of a power struggle with Pope Innocent II. The mosaics are worth noting, although not as many as Monreale (outside Palermo). The Norman Cathedral does have a Gothic influence, as well as the Byzantine or Arabic features that were alive in Sicily when the church was built. At night, when it is illuminated against the backdrop of the mountain, it is really an amazing sight.

Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to discover Cefalu’, one of Sicily’s best-preserved secrets. Soon, Americans will find that this is indeed a good place for vacation, because it is really great. Whether you are traveling to Italy for the first time or an experienced veteran, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Cefalu’.


reach there

You can reach Cefalu’ from Palermo via Autostrada 20 (approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour), or you can take the train from Palermo Central Station along the Palermo-Messina line (usually every hour). It takes about 3 hours by train from Messina.

You can also get there by boat from Palermo or Aeolian Islands (usually seasonal). There is a port on the east side of the town, on the “other side of the rock”.


July and August can be expensive. Make sure you book in advance. From November to Easter, many hotels will be closed.

Walk around

Depending on where you live, you don’t actually need a car to go to and from town, because almost everything is within walking distance. However, if you want to visit some beautiful Sicilian countryside outside of town (such as Le Madonie), you can use a car.

Day trip

  • Palermo-the lively capital of Sicily, a lot of shopping, art, history, etc.
  • Le madonie-beautiful mountain park, covered with snow in winter, is an excellent way to return to nature.
  • Taormina-another resort in Sicily, famous far and near