Kansas Golf Holidays-Wolf Creek Golf Course

A few weeks ago, I played at Wolf Creek Golf Course Company in Olathe, Kansas. At that time, he participated in the Kansas City Cup. It must be said that it was a very beautiful golf course. We won the competition, which may make the competition better, but I think I made a comment when my evaluation of the course was still fresh.

If you do not know Wolf Creek, or have never heard of Wolf Creek, then you will be feasted. First of all, it is the only club for men. This actually means that women are not allowed to participate. The bartender is a man. The stroller girl is a man. Everyone has a man. This is actually a strange experience, but I think some people are looking for this environment.

It only has men, so it is a very unique golf course, and it is 100% private (except for events such as KC Cup, we have to participate in the event due to format reasons). I don’t know the exact membership fees required to become a member, but depending on the format of the course, I believe they are huge.

Although the course itself is located in Olathe, Kansas, it is very isolated. It is at the southern end of Olathe, in the middle of a bunch of fields. The hidden place provides a great sense of tranquility and an excellent golf experience.

Like participating in some other exclusive events, taking this course by car is not an impressive experience. The clubhouse is small in scale, neither luxurious nor shoddy. In addition to the other rooms, there is a bar, a dressing room and a dining room (after the round, I glanced at the poker table at the back of the room, which was full of gentlemen. I thought it was a friendly game). This course is very strict, but it also does not exude a unique atmosphere like the rumors.

I think there are two reasons why the clubhouse and facilities are so thin. First of all, only men are there, how luxurious is it? Is it cool just to say that you belong to an all-male golf club? Secondly, through the shape of the course-gorgeous-it seems that all their money is used to maintain and upgrade the golf course itself.

At the beginning, the range was very good. It is grass, they have a pile of balls in each station (about 20 stations) in a range bag, and they have a pile of bags with a tee, you can indulge yourself. Out of range, you hit several different flagpoles on several different yards. It is in good condition.

If you have ever played here, you have to put a few shots on the green. The greens are strong and fast, and cut beautifully. They are correct, but some habits need to be adapted because they are faster than your average green speed. For me, to be honest, on the day of the game, I think the green is fast. But I think that was because we played so fast early in the season. In the middle of summer, I can see them quickly struck by lightning.

As for the route itself, there are many ups and downs and many holes, almost no ups and downs. I particularly like two par threes, nine pole positions in the front and one pole position in the back row. The first one is slightly downhill, with water blocking the front and right sides of the green (everyone misses the left and right positions-forward posture). The other par three hole is located high on the teeing ground and then descends to at least 100 feet of the green. This is a fantastic service area.

Overall, I gave the course 9 out of 10 points. From the tee to the green, this course was great and I had a great time. The only person who can’t make him 10 is that amazing factor (although one of my opponents is a former major league all-star pitcher-cool-he is a decent golfer). This is a great course, but when I finish the game, as a golfer, I am no different-that is 10 takes my heart.