A behind-the-scenes tour and almost underground tour of Disney World by the former Disney cast

Okay, okay, so you have been to Disney World about 87 times.

But how do you want an exclusive private tour to watch Walt Disneyland like never before? As a former actor of Disneyland, I volunteered to be your tour guide, leading you to understand the magic behind the scenes of Disney World.

It will be fun to learn various backstage positions. We will also take a peek under Magic Kingdom Park and check out the cast, costumes, the so-called tunnel system, Disney’s nursery and woodland, waste treatment facilities and other service areas.

Let’s start with the sludge. Everyone’s business is to dry the sludge produced by water treatment facilities and then use it as fertilizer. The regenerated fresh water is used to water grass and plants. The water valve is marked “recycled water-no drinking water” Mickey, thank you for your attention!

Now, we will visit the plant nursery. Remember all those cool and cute trim designs around the park? Well, this is where the Disney actors grew up and shaped the pruning animals. All this calming takes time. It takes about seven to eight years to grow a single pruning characteristic. One of my personal favorites is holding the smiling Mickey Mouse from Disney Vacation Club [] Sign near the entrance to the Wilderness Lodge Hotel.

Then there is the parade area behind Splash Mountain. On the back of Splash Mountain, there are many doors labeled “Access Scene 31”. Here, you will see Mickey Mania, Spectromagic and Electric Water Parade appliances. You can walk around and view all the parade works you want. But please have no photos. The Spectromagic float is made of mesh so that the driver can see it and is covered by a small computer-controlled Christmas lamp. There is also a small fan to cool the driver. If you or your children have always wanted to see the sea witch floats in The Little Mermaid, this is your big opportunity.

When I was a Disney actor, I wandered in the tunnel during a break and ate in the underground cafeteria. very romantic. In fact, these tunnels are fake. Due to the high groundwater level in Florida, keeping real tunnels dry is expensive. Disney therefore built a tidy utility corridor system on the ground, and then covered them with dust. This makes the new ground floor one level higher. The Magic Kingdom was built on this. Therefore, American Avenue is actually on the second floor.

“Utilizers” circle around the park, connecting all land and amusement facilities. There is also a utility corridor below American Avenue, which connects the entrance to Cinderella Castle. All Magic Kingdom utilities are located in Utilidors. There are water, electricity, fiber optic cables and a super cool vacuum trash can system.

The Disney World vacuum waste collection system has become a model for several other super large buildings and even cities and municipal areas. The system uses pipes about two feet in diameter to draw all waste into a central collection point.

Another unusual device in Utilidors will provide various scents to different parts of the park. There is a bakery that releases the smell of chocolate chip cookies onto the street. I remember that Mickey wanted to use the real cookie flavor. But, unfortunately, there is no way to produce uninterrupted chocolate chips. Therefore, these odor generator machines are used for biscuits, and they emit just the right odor in many other places. Smoke, orange trees, etc.

Utilidor also provides various cast services, such as credit unions, 2 hour movie developers, cafeterias and lockers. Clothing and wardrobe are also located here. When I work there, I am always happy to see my favorite character wandering while half-dressed or looking up. The walls of the utility are color-coded. There are also many maps and directional signs that can help lose actors (like me).

Therefore, when you visit Disney World for the 88th time, open your eyes and suddenly a magical character appears. Mickey or Minnie may just pop out of a door hidden on Utilidor below. And you will know their secrets!