Africa Golf Safari

Are you a serious golfer looking for golf fun in the subtropical climate of Africa? Well, Africa Golf Tour offers you the perfect combination of vacation and the opportunity to play in some of Africa’s world-class golf clubs. In Africa, you will play golf at selected premium golf courses located in areas where you can easily combine golf and sightseeing.

In Kenya, the Railway Golf Club is only 15 kilometers from Nairobi National Park. If you want to combine serious animal sights in your African golf travel plan, this golf club is your ideal choice. In addition to wildlife, you can also visit the Kenya Museum, which is about four kilometers away from the golf club. Muthaiga Gold Club is located in the leafy suburb of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. This is also a viable golf club and you should consider visiting it.

The African golf safari from Cape Town, South Africa can be carried out anywhere in Cape Town, during the summer period (lasting October to March), and then to the golf course next to the Kruger National Park. In the latter, you can easily view wild animals after a pleasant day in the course.

However, you can still choose to fly to Namibia for vacation. Golf hunting from Africa to this country is suitable for people who like to observe natural contrasts. Since Namibia is a semi-arid country, the contrast between the lush green golf course and the sandy desert is breathtaking.

When considering packing for vacation, remember to pack suitable golf shoes, good sports equipment suitable for wearing on the golf course, and be ready to have fun. You can contact the travel company that organizes African golf travel agencies to understand your needs for quality golf courses. Usually, golf course managers rent golf equipment on their premises. Renting a golf kit is usually cheaper than buying a golf kit.