What is Pyxism and should I join?

If you are already studying the Pyxism business opportunity, then you are one of the lucky ones. They have learned about this great family business opportunity in advance.

Pyxism is a new company based on discount travel. It is still being pre-launched and is scheduled to be officially released on January 11, 2010. How about the TVI you want to live on the first floor? You will kill! I think this is how we face Pyxism. It is similar to TVI and Dream Style Vacation Club because the compensation plan is based on a 2×3 matrix and 2 panels. You recycle the first board for qualification (only 2 direct referrals will make you qualified for life), and every time you recycle the Compass board (the first board) thereafter, you will be paid $1250, and you will automatically have The qualification cycle uses Horizon Board for $8000 per cycle.

The difference between Pyxism and other Pyxism is that it is a real follow-me matrix. You always follow the sponsor, and the team is always united. This encourages teamwork, which is very important in this compensation structure. In addition, there are fewer members required to ride a bicycle, so the speed of riding a bicycle will be faster, and there will be much more people doing this work than the forced matrix. Another clever part of the compensation plan is that every time your direct referral cycle is Horizon Board, you will get $1,000 and the sponsor will get $1,000! This ensures that no one will be left behind or forgotten!

In addition to the innovative commission structure, you will also receive travel certificates to top resorts around the world, which can be used for vacations and earn a penny. We are guaranteed that this is different from other holiday certificate programs, there are no date restrictions, true four-star and five-star resorts.

Those who know me know that I like to join a business early to take advantage of the hype and make money quickly. The same is true for Pyxism, but not exactly. After attending the webinar and listening to Lloyd Wilson (owner)’s vision of the company, I am convinced that the company is different. Not only is he looking for a quick murder, but he also has a real long-term vision. He has extensive business experience (unlike many online program owners) and has been in the Internet marketing business for more than 12 years. He has been a partial owner of the travel business since 2005. He recently resigned, but it is still a viable business today. Like many other owners, he is not a program jumper.

Generally, to join a business that plans to become the main business and source of income, you may want to see at least a two-year track record. To ensure that the business is sustainable and will not close after all the hard work has been done to establish the business. This is absolutely correct, but I think Lloyd’s record is sufficient for this situation. I strongly recommend that you at least register for free on my blog and register for the webinar. This will provide you with a complete overview of the procedures and revolutionary compensation structure.

Soon…Like all business opportunities, the hype will start. It will be difficult for you to decide which Pyxism team you want to join can really help you succeed, and which marketer is bragging. If you are completely engaged in network marketing…you know what I mean! I have been successful in online marketing “games” for some time, and have used a proven marketing system to market any business I engage in. If you don’t know how to market effectively, then you will be swallowed up by competition. . period.

I encourage you to take a look at the system I use to promote Pyxism and other businesses. Just fill in your information next to your blog to get an exact step-by-step blueprint that can be used to generate a large number of potential customers and registrations for my business every month, and increase other member commissions.

Your successful partner,