Timeshare-deal or no deal?

Let’s face it. Travel is big business. Huge business. International tourists considering coming to the U.S. spent In 2007, travel and tourism-related activities exceeded US$122.7 billion -That means people come to America alone! (Source: Tourism Industry Office (OTTI) March 11, 2008)

I have also seen the estimates of the Tourism Industry Association that the economic activity generated by the tourism industry itself exceeds US$1 trillion.

These are important numbers. Many people want a piece of pie. Who can blame them? Traveling is fun, and if you like traveling, this is an interesting industry.

If you have ever vacationed in a timeshare resort-whether you actually own a timeshare or not, then soon-soon-it is obvious that the resort wants you to buy a timeshare at that location. After all-the resort is beautiful, and since you had a great holiday, why not buy it for a week, you can enjoy it in the years to come and every year?

Wow! Before issuing a credit card or signing any financing documents in an instant, take a deep breath…no… take five or six deep breaths. Ask yourself the following questions:

1) Do you really want to sign a contract? After you initially paid thousands of dollars, you will have to pay annual maintenance fees (this fee never seems to have dropped)? (According to, the average purchase price in this industry was $16,000. stated that the average maintenance cost for the industry in 2006 was: $512 for a one-bedroom unit and $614 for a two-bedroom unit.)

2) If you want to exchange for a week in a completely different resort, do you have to pay an annual membership fee to an exchange company, and then pay the exchange fee yourself (a few hundred dollars more per year).

3) Also, if you want to exchange a week’s time in another resort-even if you are willing to pay all these fees-if you are told that the place you want to visit is not available, will you be disappointed (e.g. Hawaii, Islands, etc… You might have to try Branson, Missouri-there are usually weeks available…)?

4) Are you absolutely sure that you just want to return to this special resort year after year?

Well, if your answer to these questions is yes, then you must buy a timeshare.

But if you think twice and then take a deep breath eight to ten times, you might ask yourself: “Well, if it’s not a timeshare, can I still be in these beautiful resorts? Is there any other way?”

The answer is “yes”. Take the Global Resort Network (GRN) as an example. Here, GRN has the exclusive right to sell private vacation club memberships worldwide, with 22 years of outstanding customer satisfaction experience.

Since these memberships are now sold through the Internet, this trend is rapidly becoming popular. So why not?

No one needs to participate in the sales presentation, the process is very simple.

Prospective buyers only need to visit GRN Affiliate’s website to browse memberships at their leisure, without the need for someone to push them to make a purchase decision on the spot.

Buyers noticed that lifetime (Platinum) membership only costs $2,995.00, and there are no restricted dates for travel.


Then, the buyer emails or calls the member (or requests a call from the member) and asks some questions:

“Do I need to pay an annual maintenance fee to use this membership?” (The answer is no.”)

“In one of these resorts, how much do I really have to pay for a week?” (The answer is, “anywhere from $298 to $698, and some resorts cost $798.”)

“Yes, it sounds great, but what is the likelihood of me actually using Hawaii or Florida coast resorts?” (The answer is, “Once you ask for a location and date range, the customer service department will bend back The waist finds your place-that’s what they did. And because of the huge purchasing power of the club, it is very, very good. They will find you a beautiful resort.”)

So let’s review the differences here:

The average cost of timeshare ownership is $16,000.

The cost of joining holiday membership is low-$2,995 for lifetime membership

The ownership fee for timeshares ranges from US$300 to US$1,000.

Vacation members do not charge annual membership fees or maintenance fees. Unless you actually take a vacation, you never pay for a vacation.

The timeshare ownership breach of the annual dues may damage the ownership.

Vacation membership means that you only need to join once to become a lifetime member without paying additional fees.

Timeshare ownership exchange is difficult and expensive.

Vacation membership no longer needs to be exchanged, members can choose from more than 5,000 luxury resort hotels worldwide.

The maximum depreciation value of investment by timeshare ownership is approximately 1 cent.

The vacation membership has retained its full value for the past 21 years (a transfer fee of $75 is required).

Timeshare ownership means that the owner can pay extra for the property alterations and renovations.

Holiday membership means that members will not be responsible for renovation or renovation costs.

Ultimately, you will do your due diligence and determine the best method for you. Of course, sometimes timeshare purchases may be the best way-for example, if the resort is close to the family and the owner will always use that particular resort, then this is the best option.

After all, the best advice is that you do the math and carefully consider all options and preferences before purchasing a timeshare or vacation club membership. After all, travel and vacation should make you feel good-without stress!