Holiday with kids-all-inclusive resort ClubMed

Being a mother is a never-ending job. There is always homework to do, things in the sink, things to fold up clothes, meals to cook for dinner, buying shoes (again!), PTA meetings, bills to pay…you don’t just like going to vacation places ? Don’t worry about where to eat and what activities are organized for the children every day? Have a little personal time without children?

If this is what you are looking for, then an “all inclusive” resort is your answer.

Club Med (short for Club Méditerranée) is operated by a French company that provides all-inclusive resorts in many parts of the world (usually in exotic areas). There are more than 80 Club Med resorts around the world, and each resort can provide an extensive list of services and activities through a package.

These “all-inclusive” packages include accommodation, meals, soft drinks, use of facilities, various sports activities, games and performances. Alcoholic beverages are purchased in accordance with the tender, but must be purchased separately, although some places now include alcohol and snacks in the package.

Many resorts offer outdoor buffets, daytime sports and activities, and night performances by Club Med employees. These performances are called “GOs” (abbreviation of “Gracious Organizers”), and guests are usually invited to participate, called “GM”. (Abbreviation for “kind member”), and the resort is called “village”. A unique feature of Club Med is the social activities of GO and GM, which can play, eat, drink and dance together day and night.

Many villages provide facilities for children of different ages under the supervision of trained staff. Children are divided into age group clubs-“Baby”, “Petit”, “Mini” and “Junior’s”.

Mini Club Med (TM) (4-10 years):

Mini Club Med(TM) is suitable for children between 4 and 10 years old. The supplementary activities do not include additional costs:

  • Children’s activities, including handicrafts, football, sailing, inline skating, games, “mini scientist” and other fun activities;
  • The clubhouse is surrounded by an outdoor “playground” area with toys, dollhouses, trains and slides;
  • Some resorts offer special activities (also included in the package), such as mini tennis, trapeze, tennis, football, sailing, inline skating, games, handicrafts, mini scientists, and even a circus school where kids can go Learn to juggle, walk a tightrope, jump on a trampoline, sway in a trapeze, play a clown in a circus workshop.

“Junior Club Med” (11-17 years old)

“Club Med Passworld(TM)”-a new area specially designed for children and teenagers from 11 to 17 years old, they can enjoy many different activities, all activities are included in the package price:

  • Performing arts: hip-hop, drama, performance, singing, musical instruments, mixing, magic, musicals, African dance;
  • Performance and film: video, drama, director, editing;
  • Creative activities: jewelry, makeup, crafts, fashion, Brazilian bracelets, graffiti art;
  • Sports-trapeze, roller skating, rock climbing, bungee jumping, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, beach volleyball, beach football;
  • Adventure and discovery: outings, hiking, picnics;
  • Evening activities-“movie night”, “disco night”, “beach party”, “disco roller” on the beach;

Baby Club Med (TM) (4-23 months) Infants 4-23 months old are provided care from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, at an extra charge. The children are divided into two groups: those who have not yet walked and those who have been walking for up to 23 months.

Petit Club Med (TM) (2-3 years) Provide care for young children (2-3 years old) at an extra charge.

For more detailed information and photo gallery, please visit the “Children’s Holidays” section of our website.