Travel experts comment on resort 360 Vacation Club scam complaint

Another multi-level marketing (MLM) program has been launched. This is the so-called Resorts 360 Vacation Club, and the blogger quickly flagged it as a possible scam. When California Attorney General Edmund Brown sued them for “operating a giant pyramid scheme,” Resorts 360 cured major troubles in another travel MLM called YTB Travel.

The tourism industry generates more than $7 trillion in revenue each year. It is no surprise that entrepreneurs who work from home want to take advantage of these profits. Some of these programs are full-scale scams. When analyzing the actual value of the so-called products, they have charged people thousands of dollars, but hardly delivered any products. Not all family travel business opportunities are scams, and some actually offer retail products that have real value in the travel market.

Now that Resorts 360 has been launched, many people are asking if the program is another MLM scam or a real business. This is a fair question.

There is no doubt that Resorts 360 Vacation Club has some problems, but is this a scam? Although MLM companies do provide actual products, the vacation club memberships they sell are insufficient compared to those offered by competitors in the home business sector. The Resorts 360 program allows you to use fewer resorts, and members spend more money on a week-long condominium vacation than competitors. It is not a scam, but it does put those who want to make money marketing Resorts 360 at a disadvantage.

360 members of the resort can visit about 4,000 resorts, while one competitor says they own more than 5,000 resorts, and another competitor advertises more than 5,400 resorts. Members of Resort 360 Vacation Club can enjoy a condo vacation week, starting at a minimum of $399. This is about $100 more than one competitor and $250 more than another competitor. Members only take two weeks of vacation each year to spend $500 a year in the new MLM Vacation Club. In ten years, it will cost an extra $5,000.

With fewer choices and more spending during the holiday week, you might think that Resorts 360 can at least gain a price advantage in the market, but that’s not the case. Although its competitors sell memberships with lifetime benefits (100 years), the longest membership available through Resorts 360 is only one year.

Over a ten-year period, Resorts 360’s resort club offers will cost $2,639 if renewed annually at the current price, and if paid at the current monthly rate, it will be as high as $5616. The competition fees for lifetime membership are $2995 and $1998 respectively. This means that consumers can use more than 1,400 resorts for only an extra US$641, save US$250 each at a lower apartment holiday price, and enjoy 90-year membership rights to enjoy or sell Transfer to other people.

Providing inferior products and charging higher prices does not make Resorts 360 Vacation Club a scam. Just like any other purchase, buyers must be careful and compare their options.

Although the product is a product, many people can start a family travel business just by buying any one of the products and hope to start making money at home. The question is, can those hopeful Internet millionaires really make money through Resorts 360?

Those who wish to make money from home should not pay too much attention to Resorts360. Marketing experts say that the disadvantages faced by their products will eliminate travelers that attract their target retail market. Their higher prices will definitely not win over those who spend time shopping. The highest commission is only $200, while the commission for both competitors is $1,000.

Resorts 360 promises to generate residual income as membership updates and monthly plan payments. However, this seems unlikely. In other MLM programs that require personnel updates, more than 95% of members quit and do not update. That’s because those people just join to make money, and when they see no profit, they keep going.

As you can imagine, it may be very difficult to use Resorts 360 to truly achieve profitability. To get a profit of $200, it costs almost the same marketing expenses as to get a profit of $1,000. There will be some sales, but how much marketing cost will it cost to earn low commissions? If you want someone to purchase a membership fee of more than $40, it may make the member lose money, and they cannot plan to make up for this through renewal or MLM passive commissions. A new member may have to sign more than 100 people to get about five people who are actively engaged in business and profitable.

Although Resorts 360 is not a full-scale scam, it is clear that the picture they paint is far more optimistic than MLM history suggests. Those seeking premium vacation club membership will find more benefits and stronger other membership products. Those seeking family operations will also find better options, including better vacation clubs and larger commissions. A competitor accepts its lifetime membership credit card and even offers a payment plan that starts at just $198.