Timeshare Travel Agency-What is the real deal?

Until recently, timeshares have always been a way for people to want to make a huge profit on their annual vacation, but with the recent rise of discount travel agencies, is this still a wise move? I will compare these two vacation plans and show that discount travel clubs are a better option for people who want to save on vacation.

1) Initial cost-buy a resort or a second-hand timeshare hotel from the original owner of the resort. Depending on your unit and their bargaining power when they try to close you, you will pay between US$6,500 and US$20,000. With a one-time payment or as time goes by, you now have a week in the resort to exchange with others to find things in your area. Let us enter the mid-market at a purchase price of $13,250.

If you join a discount travel club, you need to pay between US$199 and US$500 to enter resorts around the world…Be sure to bring this victory to the resort club at a more affordable initial price.

2) Recurring expenses-According to, ownership is privileged, because you are now responsible for daily maintenance, maintenance, furniture and equipment, roof and swimming pool replacement, and of course insurance and property taxes . We used their data for timeshare resorts in Virginia Beach, and they found that they ranged from $390 to $550 per year, and used a mid-range figure of $475 per year. The annual fee will be adjusted for inflation and may increase over time. Unless any roof or pool repairs are performed, your total annual timeshare cost for 10 years is $4,750. If you trade other units worldwide, the other costs involved vary from group to group, so it is difficult to determine the exact costs unless they are at least several hundred dollars more expensive per year.

The monthly fee for the vacation club varies, so we will use the World Ventures number to ensure accuracy. Suppose you like presentations and choose the most expensive suit to make you a representative. You need to pay $59.93 per month, and the annual fee is $719.16, but there is a way for four people to purchase any of the offered packages without charging any monthly fees. So if you know four friends who like to travel and join the club, then you eliminate the annual fee! This is something to consider, but for practice, let’s pay a monthly fee.

In 10 years, the club cost was $7,191.60. There is no additional cost for accommodation in resorts or hotels around the world, but vacation packages are purchased in bulk and provided to members at cost. Other advantages of the travel club include discounted prices for air travel, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages and travel insurance that can be used multiple times every year. It even provides a concierge service, you can use it anytime, anywhere to get information about any of your needs at home and abroad. I will use only the base to assign this asterisk to the timeshare, but the vacation club membership will bring more value.

3) Multiple vacation experiences-timeshare allows you to take a vacation in the same unit or the same unit every year, and each vacation is the same, and can only be exchanged at participating resorts in its network.

Travel agencies offer you many different experiences all over the world-you don’t have to repeat the same journey twice (unless you want to). Provides more than 60,000 vacation and rental properties in more than 160 destinations. World Ventures even has a program called DreamTrips, where all reservations and plans will be resolved for you. You can choose activities, cruises, sports or themed packages at very good prices-examples in 2009 include Cozumel cruises, 5 days/4 nights, 179 USD per person (tax and service charge included), Madrid Spain trip, per People 150 dollars including tax, etc. Get accommodation and tickets for the US Masters, the final four and even the World Cup in South Africa at hundreds of dollars lower than the online price. The vacation club can easily obtain this ticket.

Therefore, although timeshare wins the recurring expenses part of the obstacle, the best overall bargaining is travel club membership because of its low initial cost, the variety of vacation experiences it provides, and the ability to save all travel expenses by becoming a representative. The ability to make money. These numbers are not precise, but they do represent a fair comparison between the two holiday options.