Primo Vacation Club

Primo Vacations Club of MyInternetBusiness LLC will be officially launched in November 2009 and has become a major force in the travel business

Dave Garven and Rob Hannley co-founded MyInternetBusiness LLC and Primo Vacation Club and are currently the owners. They established their position with the “YourNetBiz” series of Internet business opportunities and established Primo Vacations Club to praise this achievement. Rob Hannley and Dave Garven won two gold medals with Primo Vacations’. Not only did they accumulate a lot of online copies and media hype for this new business, but they also won praise from respected Internet marketers and entrepreneurs, including me.
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The club has spread on the Internet like wildfire and continues to show signs that it will continue to grow in the coming years. As far as I am concerned, I have extensive experience in both Internet marketing and the travel industry and will dominate this market indefinitely.
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The main mission of MyInternetBusiness LLC is to provide members with unparalleled value.

In view of the fragile state of the economy, it strongly hopes that each travel agency will provide their travel packages with more privileges and higher value than ever before. Of course, the most successful of these businesses will be the business that combines these excellent packages with a series of smart Internet and word-of-mouth marketing strategies, and this is precisely the specialty of MyInternetBiz.

More information about MyInterntet Biz’s new Primo Vacations club package: Members get more than simple “special prices”. They got a peculiar, creepy, hot, other planet, too real deal, and most other travel agencies would go bankrupt. Considering the past success of MyInternetBiz’s direct sales business YourNetBiz, I predict Primo Vacations Club will be another of their seemingly impossible but undeniable true success stories.

Of course, I have conducted due diligence and tested this hypothesis, and am pleasantly surprised by my findings. The club can offer discounts of up to 80% for most competitors. Yes, you read that right: 80%. This data is derived by looking at only a few destinations from all over the world.

So, how much profit will Primo Vacations Club bring to you? Well, in addition to the intoxicating and wonderful value, you can also provide potential customers (which can easily cost millions), and you can also provide them with packaging with a normal retail price of up to $10,000, and the price is only one Small part.

How much do you ask?

Primo Vacation Associates and members may earn $500 from each transaction. This is paid directly to you, tax-free and free. You can also trade on the same day! How did this happen:

a) Your customers like Primo Travel Package; Once you are impressed with the value of the package offered, the customer will give you up to US$697-the average cost of each package in the Primo Vacations Club transaction.

b) A qualified member authorizes you to pay. You keep most of the sales price, but the value you provide to your customers far exceeds the value you get anywhere else!

c) Forward the remaining US$197 to MyInternetBiz and Primo Vacations Club.

Fully qualified for membership of Primo Vacations Club. All you have to do is make the first sale.